True Love for Musical Instruments

Lopez has been keenly acquiring the warmth of acoustic instruments such as sitar, swarmandal, bouzouki, rabab, lauto cretenc, bandurria, dulcimer, mandolin, and 6 and 12 string guitars. These new instruments were the main reason why he shifted his interest in the instrument he initially got a hang of, the electric guitar.

With the ongoing collaboration with Capella, Efrén helped in the recording of more than 10 albums of the Medieval and Renaissance era using the self-acquired retro instruments such as the medieval lute, oud, gittern, and psaltery. In 2004, he established Alfàndech Collective with the motive of spreading awareness of instruments featuring Mediterranean strings.

Actually, he abandoned the guitar slowly just to concentrate mostly on medieval music as well as Mediterranean double-string instruments. Using these instruments, Lopez has composed works for puppet shows, advertising, street theatre shows, poetries, intensive courses, short films, and documentaries.