My Music: My Life; My Heart!

After getting a first break with candida Sanchis, Lopez continued to look for musicians and relevant other talents to learn and grow to make his own original compositions!

This search was much like a thirst that gave birth to new compositions and diverse experiences. Nothing could stop him to learn from the different parts of the world including China and India.

His compositions initially began with the Early Music or traditional styles launched by his first traditional music group. This trend then took a paradigm shift by getting into professional relationship with different prominent celebrities such as Mara Aranda, with whom Efren traveled all over China and Europe for recording creative and new albums. His collaboration with Capella de Ministrers took Mdieval and Renaissance music to a new level.

While in search for musicians who willingly could share Efren’s new musical interests, the artist formed his first traditional music group, La Banda de l’Agredolç dedicated to Valencian music. Simultaneously, he also was working as a session musician for any kind of work and playing for pop stars. With Mara Aranda, Efren played a major role in recording the only prevailing album for the Cendraires group originated in his home town. He then later joined the group and performed a few concerts together. Efren and Mara are the pioneers of the famous L’Ham de Foc, through which they recorded three albums using only the acoustic musical instruments and aiding a band singing in Catalan.

Major Musical Milestones Achieved!

After the first traditional break received in 1993 and a professional break in 1996, Efren’s next turning point was in the year 1999.

The year 1999 marked the beginning of his longest-lasting collaboration, which was with an esteemed Valencian group, Capella de Ministrers committed to Early Music. This collaboration gave a golden chance to Efrén to aid in recording more than 10 albums dedicated to the Medieval and Renaissance music and with the help of period instruments.

2003 came up with two more successful albums namely, Aman Aman featuring Sephardic music, which he then played throughout Spain. In 2004, he launched Alfàndech Collective dedicated to spreading the use of the Mediterranean stringed instruments. Efren also began taking bağlama classes through which he taught composition of modal music. In 2006, Efrén in Greece recorded the ‘Orion’ with Stelios Petrakis.