Important Things to Know About an Atomizer

    What is an atomizer? This is one common question the most of the people ask in open forums. The world ‘atomizer’ is extremely popular in the vaping world. Besides, it is used to create vapor by heating the nicotine salt e-liquid. In fact, it acts like a heating element which turns the nicotine salt e-liquid into vapor. An atomizer generally consists of 3 parts and they are –

    • Mesh Bridge
    • Heating Coil
    • Wick

    This atomizer is also popularly known as nebulizer.

    How often you should replace the atomizer?

    The shelf life of an atomizer is generally high especially when you buy it from a reputed brand. There are so many popular brands on the market which are offering quality atomizers. Hence, you could buy from them to save your money in a long run. However, its coil generally lasts for a very few weeks. Don’t worry! These coils are very cheap. Hence, you can buy them in bulk and store in your home to use whenever you want.

    Signs that you should change your atomizer coil

    There are few signs which indicate that your coil needs to be changed. Some of them include

    Burnt taste – If you get burnt taste while vaping then it clearly means that your coil needs to be replaced with a new one.

    E-liquid Taste – Your e-liquid tastes different or stops tasting the way it should be if it stops working.

    Vape Leakage – Vape can leak if your coil is worn out. Gurgling sound is also an indication of coil being worn out.

    The number of stores offering the vaping device parts and e-liquid has increased enormously in the present days. However, not all the stores offer the best parts and e-liquid. Hence, you should take your time and do your basic research before placing your order in any of the online stores. If you don’t have enough time to do all that then Eliquid Depot would be your perfect choice for buying vape juice or vaping device parts at a low price.

    How should I replace my atomizer coil?

    Atomizers of one brand may differ from the other and all of us are well aware about it. Most of the devices allow you to unscrew the coil and replace it with a new one.

    Vape Wire Types

    Some of the different vape wire types include kanthal, stainless steel, NiChrome, Titaniium, Nickel and etc.

    Temperature Control or Wattage Control – Wire Types

    Stainless steel, titanium and nickel vape wires are only used with temperature control, whereas the kanthal and NiChrome vape wires can only be used with wattage control. Stainless steel vape wires can work with both temperature control and wattage control.

    Choosing the right vape coil is extremely important if you to enjoy the proper flavor of nic salt e-juice which you have chosen. Always choose a vape coil after doing thorough research so that you will buy the right product.

    Enjoy the different nic salt e-juice flavors today by placing your order online!