An artist with the original compositions that come from the guidance of popular musicians

Versatile works with the ability to work with diverse instruments

This Spanish artist has diverse experience in managing any kind of musical project, including those related to traditional music. In this name as a session musician, there are over 40 diverse, successfully executed projects of different musical styles including both folk and early styles. Even his albums are original and inspired by the guidance of some of the world’s popular musicians.

Efren has been a part of artistic productions for a myriad of bands as well as singer-songwriters. The artist has gone through intensive courses with Nigel Eaton, Maurizzio Martinotti, and Pascal Lefeuvre. He has also learned north Indian music with Ajoy Chakrabakti, rabab and music with Daud Khan, and saz with Ross Daly (from Crete) and the Turkish masters.

A sound musician with a sound foundation of vast knowledge acquired across a span of several years!

The Discography Itself is Diverse and Distinct!

Efren has a distinct collection of his own recordings, most remarkable collaborations, and unique compilations. In the list of recordings, a few popular titles were with Evo, Chemirani, Aman Aman, L’Ham de Foc, and Sabir. Similarly, his popular collaborations include Eduardo Talironte, Stelios Petrakis Quartet, Ross Daly, Manolo Garcia, The X, and Celina da Piedade.

Some more collaborations worth mentioning are with Loxandra, VerdCel, Via Artis Konsort, Xavier Morant I Abraham Rivas, Oni Wytars, Yeden, Carles Denia, Luigi Cinquie & Hypertext Orchestra, and Capella de Ministers. Most of these works are between 1996 and 2015. This means even the Early Music compositions add value to these collections.

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